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Humane Pursuits closed down on March 26, 2018.
After nearly 10 years in operation, we have decided to shutter Humane Pursuits. Several of our senior editors and writers are continuing work together in a new publication from the Anselm Society, launching in summer 2018, that will combine long-form essays with short blogs and podcasts to create educational and inspirational resources for a renaissance of the Christian imagination.

You can follow that effort at or subscribe below.

Thank you to all the hundreds of writers and thousands of readers who made this site what it was, and by all means continue to enjoy the archived posts.

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Forgotten Music

Everyone knows that a lot of people these days tend to prefer texting to talking. College roommates converse via Gchat from five feet away. Fox News ran a story a few weeks ago of a girl who was so intent on her texting that she fell into an open manhole.

Guilt is Good

The New York Times has published an article called “Guilt and Atonement on the Path to Adulthood,” mainly about some…