Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian Brown is the editor-in-chief of Humane Pursuits. In his day job, he is the principal of Narrator, a communications consultancy that develops and executes social fundraising strategies for nonprofits and campaigns. In his other day job, he ponders the metaphysical significance of coffee and wine. Brian is the author of Major Achievements in Local Philanthropy (Philanthropy Roundtable, June 2013), and a contributing author to Why Place Matters: Geography, Identity and Civic Life in Modern America (eds. Wilfred McClay and Ted McAllister, Encounter Books, February 2014).

Bring Back Bossy

HP contributor Sarah Greek makes a case for the silliness of the “Ban Bossy” campaign, and the importance of the…

Getting Upset About the Wrong Things in Disney Movies

…a Christian tradition. “Frozen is the most anti-Disney animated movie I’ve ever seen.” My latest post over at Aleteia.


Saving Nonprofits

Why you won’t read anything an unfamiliar nonprofit sends you–and what that nonprofit should do about it.