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The technocratic politics, big businesses, sprawling cities, and mass media of the 20th century gave birth to a Millennial generation whose members are more isolated and more confused about their roles than perhaps any young people in history. As a result, though, they tend to question a lot of bad ideas that their parents and grandparents took for granted.

At Humane Pursuits, we want to be the explorers of an ancient originality, rediscovering the work of being human in 21st century America. Our approach is to thread the yearnings of our generation through the most compelling ideas of civilization, remembering our late and limited place in the flow of those ideas. On this site, we bring together the most imaginative minds of our time with the wisest minds of all time; exploring community, art, faith, and other topics. In this continuous tapestry, we seek—in a very real, concrete sense—how to live lives and build communities in modern America that reflect the pursuits that make life worth living…humane pursuits.

Core Values


We want to teach ourselves and others what it means to be genuinely human, by interpreting our everyday experiences through the lens of what it has meant to be human. We want to rediscover the human creations and concepts, lost in the political arguments and lifestyles of the last few decades, that give us insight into what can mean to live meaningful lives today.


We embrace the changeful nature of reality, but we recognize that such an embrace begins with the recurring themes of mankind’s accumulated wisdom. The successful pursuit of the good life requires that we listen better than we talk, and talk in a manner that reflects the fact that we haven’t figured everything out.


Reality is complicated. Apart from context, principles and values are just ideologies that ask us to ruin good things in the hopeless chase after perfect ones. Washington can’t fix the broken relationships and communities that are the source of most of the problems it faces. We focus on organic solutions to human-scaled problems—not on changing the world.

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A Note on Our Logo

Web - Logo 1 HPIn our logo, we sought to combine a timeless look (that reflects our interest in learning from the past), with a clean, contemporary one (that recognizes our commitment to living the good life in the present). We also wanted it to have a bit of a literary feel, reflected in our font choice, because we think the best learning happens through stories, not lectures and debates.

In both the “HP” banner in the logo and the Gothic tower we sometimes use elsewhere, you might think there’s a bit of a collegiate look. We think that’s appropriate, because for countless members of our generation, college was the first time we encountered core elements of humane living–real community, beautiful living environments, a dedication to learning in our spare time (“extracurriculars”), etc.

Our logo was designed by Fixer Creative Co., a young husband and wife team from downtown Colorado Springs that understood our desire for humane pursuits.