Channels - Humane Pursuits

These umbrella topics guide the conversation threads at Humane Pursuits (we may add more later!). They are designed to deal with core problems of the Millennial existence: things we tend to struggle with doing well, where the perspective provided by the wisdom of the ages would be a welcome relief.


What can the good life look like in the workplace and in various professional fields? How do we get there?

This channel explores workplace and professional topics–changes in workplace dynamics, challenges faced by young professionals, work-life balance issues, and interesting developments in and perspectives on particular fields. Visit this channel.


What does it mean to enjoy life, or more accurately, to enjoy the things that are worth enjoying?

And how do we enjoy things that are worth enjoying in a world that seems determined to make it difficult? This channel explores how to enjoy life as we were meant to enjoy it; both dealing with things that detract from it (like busyness) and showing what doing it can look like and developing tastes (spontaneity, simple pleasures, wine, fashion, food, relationships, and more). Visit this channel.


What is religion? How can Millennials engage it in such a way as to be fulfilled by it? And what should religious leaders be doing to help us in that journey?

This channel explores trends and challenges in modern religion and spirituality; the increasing number of our generation that describe themselves as unaffiliated, the renewed interest in liturgy and historical Christianity, postmodernism, etc. Visit this channel.


What does it mean to give back? To whom should we give back and why? What avenues do we have in which to do it? And what does it look like to do it well?

This channel explores the Millennial urge to give back, its strengths and weaknesses, and the avenues through which we can do it in a way that is both meaningful to the giver and effective to the recipient. Philanthropy, nonprofit jobs and trends (including specific causes, e.g. education or environmentalism), volunteer service, public service and politics, and more. The name, “Give,” reflects the reality that while we may disagree on methods or policies, the desire to serve is good and deserves to be understood. Visit this channel.


How do we create beautiful things? How can artists draw on other artists for inspiration? In what other sources of inspiration should we immerse ourselves?  

This channel explores one of the most fundamentally humane topics: creation. Art, literature, music, poetry, movies, even science. This channel seeks to be accessible not merely to people who consider themselves artists, but to anyone who wants to appreciate true creativity. Visit this channel.