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Imagine if, instead of a rising generation disconnected from anything more than two years older or younger, we had a new generation of people in every level of society who were equipped to be part of that society? People who had some idea of where they’d come from, what unsustainable habits we’d picked up during the age of Twinkies and smog, and what to do about it so that tomorrow would incorporate the best of yesterday with the unprecedented best of today?

Humane Pursuits is a shared effort by concerned Millennials who want to leave the world better than we found it, and who think doing that starts with inspiring our own generation by reconnecting it with the best things we were often raised without. This site is entirely run by volunteers–nobody is paid for writing, editing, maintaining, or promoting it. This means we are able to do an amazing amount of good on a shoestring budget.

It also means that even a few dollars can make a huge difference. Unlike just about everything else in our experience, this project could be fully funded by people who think they’re too poor to make a difference.

Any donations we receive help us defray the minimal costs of keeping the site operational, and expand our marketing budget so we can reach more people. For example: $5 per month allows us to get our Facebook posts in front of up to tens of thousands of additional people.

If you are interested in supporting Humane Pursuits, give now below!



We are also looking for non-financial support–volunteers with experience in email marketing, social media, editing, and other arenas. If you want to put in a few hours a month helping in this way, let us know!