What could fulfillment at work look like?


What does it mean to enjoy life?

My Accidental Craft

The Art of Crochet, in Photos. I learned to crochet almost by accident. My mom had asked a lady from…

Get up and Dance

Dance is, at it’s heart, a joyful embrace of reality. Drums pound, lightly and slowly at first, drawing us onto…


What's left to hope for?

Easter on Patmos

  The longest Sabbath endured, through the eyes of the Belovéd Disciple. Stephen Williams ​​​​Stephen Williams was raised in Virginia’s…

Unless I Die

Lamenting the dark night of the soul. . . Jody Byrkett Jody Byrkett is the editor of the Pray channel….


What does connection really mean?

Do You Notice?

Thoughts on community in the big city. “It cold enough for you?” I turned to the man speaking to me…


How do we find (and create) beautiful things?


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It’s the end of the year! Please consider making a year-end gift to support Humane Pursuits…or even join as a member…

Humane Pursuits is Hiring

Humane Pursuits is taking applications for volunteer leadership roles. Apply now to join our exceptional team! Founded in 2009 by…


Or, how to spot an institution that skimped on its bartender. Philadelphia is known for its cocktails–especially its throwback speakeasies….