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Humane Pursuits closed down on March 26, 2018.
After nearly 10 years in operation, we have decided to shutter Humane Pursuits. Several of our senior editors and writers are continuing work together in a new publication from the Anselm Society, launching in summer 2018, that will combine long-form essays with short blogs and podcasts to create educational and inspirational resources for a renaissance of the Christian imagination.

You can follow that effort at or subscribe below.

Thank you to all the hundreds of writers and thousands of readers who made this site what it was, and by all means continue to enjoy the archived posts.

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Angsters, Inc.

Are you post-evangelical?  Are you postmodern?  Are you post-caring? If so, a publication Adam just showed me may be for…

Fair Trade Is Not

I understand fair trade’s appeal.  It’s like buying popcorn from cub scouts, you pay a bit more for something than…

In Praise of Heresy

Edmund Burke warned that eliminating religion was impossible – the religious impulse was natural to mankind, and if formal religion…

Chesterton on Change

Kevin Staley-Joyce has a sober but provocative post over on First Things, addressing New York Times columnist Adam Liptak’s recent…

Peter Pan is God

Is the future of American Christianity in the hands of perpetual children? Jessica Prol brought my attention to an upcoming…