Keep Locke in the Locke Box

I am developing a post on the limits of free market thinking, an area where Humane Pursuits and Front Porch Republic bloggers likely agree, which will be published later this week.

By way of foreshadowing, I think this sentence from Peter Lawler today on a new ISI book called Econoclasts, gives voice to the train of thought that has animated my thinking:

[W]ithout being social or cultural libertarians (and while wanting, of course, to keep Locke at least somewhat in the Locke box), [we think] that there’s a lot of truth to SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS.

Brian is discussing the unhelpful polarity between “big national government” and “big local government.”  Similarly, I want to discuss the middle ground between mindless economic globalization and radical economic isolation.  I do, however, expect to end up being more Porcher friendly on this issue than I have been on others.

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