Scenes and Symbolism: Q&A with Neulore

Neulore is a Nashville-based alternative indie folk duo whose music ranges from gritty and anthemic to lush and intimate. If you like cookie-cutter music with hollow lyrics and bland instrumentation, then this is not the band for you.

As their Germanic moniker (“new lore”) implies, Neulore aims to tell stories—real stories. They deal with concepts as grand as the beginning of human history and as familiar as grappling with family issues. Neulore’s music draws you in because it is a clear and honest window into the struggles and successes of their lives.

We got the chance to chat with Neulore about their unusual origin, their inspirations, and their new EP—which released last month. Check it out!

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Emily Cardé: How did you guys get started writing music together?

William T. “Tyler” Cook: It really started out of necessity. I didn’t have any part in the first EP; we started playing together after it was already out. But then we needed new music, so we started writing new songs together. And through that process, we had to figure out how to work together. [We had] completely opposite personalities and processes that we preferred.

Emily: So does one of you write the music and the other one write the lyrics, or is that a joint process?

Adam Agin: I’d say it’s pretty 50/50. We definitely both have ideas in both departments, so it really depends on the song. Tyler’s definitely more of a multi-instrumentalist than me, so he comes up with lots of different musical ideas.

There was a phase where I was [running up against] a sort of writer’s block, so that was a season when Tyler was coming up with most of the ideas. And when one of us gets inspired, the roles switch. It all depends on what’s going on in our personal lives.

Tyler: We generally come up with nuggets of inspiration, and then we come together to write it up. There might be something else that one of us has been working on that would fit well with it. Or we might play a cool idea, go “What does that make you think of?” and then write from there.

Adam: We may start something separately, but we always finish the songs together. So both of us are very involved in all aspects.


Grab the rest of this interview over at The Cellary.


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