Humane Architecture on Pinterest

This is what buildings ought to look like.

You may not know, but we recently joined Pinterest. In addition to the full posts we share on this site, there is a lot of content we only share with our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (and it’s not all the same). For example, on Facebook, we like to share inspiration and ideas from (and about) amazing authors you may not have read.

And on Pinterest, we have a number of boards devoted to aesthetic inspiration–including this one. Click below to browse it. Enjoy, and please follow!

Christina Brown
Christina is the founder of LiveBeautiful, a company designed to encourage people live a life of beauty through art, design, and hospitality. She resides in the wilds of Colorado, and loves all things nature. She finds that beauty can be found in the smallest of things, but that the quietude of thought that catches us unawares can be the most beautiful of all…

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