Guidelines for symposium submissions - Humane Pursuits

(1) Length can be 300-600 words for a short piece, or 800-1600 words for a feature-length piece. Shorter pieces should generally focus on a single simple argument. Longer pieces are encouraged to incorporate richer themes, references to heroic literature, more in-depth philosophical analysis, etc. BUT SHOULD STILL BE ACCESSIBLE AND PUNCHY IN WRITING STYLE.

(2) If you haven’t written for HP before, please include a headshot (hi-res if possible), a 1-5 sentence bio (informal preferred; it’s not a resume), and links to any of the following you may have: Twitter profile, Google+ profile, Facebook profile, personal blog or website. You may also want to read this to familiarize yourself with Humane Pursuits and our style.

(3) Click here for how to submit. Submissions become the property of Humane Pursuits.