A Young Man Flees: A Poem

A poetic reflection on Mark 14

Were you the one Christ found
shivering on the shore, the Legion
exorcised and sent to send pigs
over the cliff? Or maybe you
were the son who convulsed
for years, whose father advocated
on your behalf? Or the cripple
lowered into the musty synagogue,
willing to risk more injury
for a long shot chance of healing?

Either way, you were there
when they found Christ
in the garden, when they kissed
and bound him in the dark, and you,
hiding behind a tree, were spotted
in the lunar light, your linen shining
like moon dust. Healed days or months
before, you must have grabbed
the closest thing for clothing
so as not to be kept from
following the one who fixed
you—because when the
soldiers came to arrest you too,
they grabbed at the cloth
and you ran away bare and
unashamedly so.

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