A Blessing for My Godson

On your baptism

Child of God,
Son of man,
You’re looking full and ready
From where I stand.

There’s a line across your brow;
You’ve a quiver full of darts
And a mix of oxblood-whiskey
Coursing through your heart.

So stake a cliff
And spy the land below.
The Lord will guide your steps
And He will wreck your foe.

Hoist the flag,
And call your motley lads:
A man o’ men will lead you
Who’s scarred in feet & hands.

He’s twice a bear
And steel is in his gaze.
He drinks and sings and feasts
And fasts for forty days.

He will comfort you;
You will wrestle Him
And test your strength and faith
Till He destroys your sin.

So come, Holy Spirit,
And come along, my son.
Your feet were made to fly –
The race is on, so run.

The path is awesome,
But tears are mixed with joy:
When pain and scars are mounting,
Return to prayer, my boy.

Yes, He will bandage
Your warped and bleeding knees.
His salve is strong to last
Till He has spoken: “I am pleased.”

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