Raising Children in an Age of Screens: A Symposium

We all live with screens: In the classroom, office, and church sanctuary; on our living room walls; in our palms and pockets. Whether we wanted them or not, we can’t escape them, and even the most cautious parents can’t shield their children from their attractive draw. Many of us have an uneasy relationship with our screens. We are aware that they connect us to one another, and also profoundly isolate us. They are as likely to fragment as to enrich our lives. In the discussion about what it means to live humanely in the twenty-first century, screens are the elephant in the room.

Five writers consider the question of how they approach (or plan to approach) raising children to live well in this new world, and suggest ways we can help them cultivate a healthy relationship with screens.

In Praise of Facebook

Laura Trimble


Modeling Patience in a Digital World

Andrew Collins


Old-Fashioned Ideals Amidst New-fangled Technology

Jody Byrkett


Learning to See, Learning to Be

Heather Walker Peterson


Protecting Childhood

April Lesh

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