Cloud of Unknowing

Humane Pursuits marks Holy Week with five weekday posts on the Pray Channel.


To first reach him
you must seek the cloud
and be content

with no knowledge:
how this is all
somehow, inexplicably

wrapped up in love, though
it means stripping away
all that was thought

before you entered
and all you’ll ever think
if you leave.

To be at home
in the cloud means
to be at home

with no knowledge,
but if something keeps
you from entering,

know that you first forgot
to put in place that elusive
cloud of forgetting—

what must be fixed
between you and every
created thing.

You’ll never be able
to understand him otherwise,
or at least understand

what his presence is like from the inside.


Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of five Holy Week posts on the Pray Channel, where we find new words to get at what faith is like. View the post from Monday.

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