In ancient literature, Wisdom is often described as a person. How might we better understand Beauty if we thought of her this way?

BEAUTY: Like a maiden fair, with
Cobalt eyes, and flaxen hair,

Beckons you with her small feet, to
Songbirds meet, and sunsets greet.

She asks if you might meet her there,

Flowers flow upon the fields, and
Poppies to the sunshine yield.

Where rabbits graze on greenery,
And pure eyes enjoy the scenery.

BEAUTY: Like a maiden, true, with
Smiling lips, and eyes of blue,

Speaks – the breeze upon her lips,
And beckons with graceful fingertips:

Women, men, come look at me,
Children – seek to find and see

What birds and fawns and saplings know,
What joy they find in sunrise’ glow,

And what the sand is like under the toe,
What mountains high, and valleys low,

All know of me, and say of me.

I am a part of each of them,
They know me like a well-earned emblem

And wear me proudly on their breasts
And make a home for me in their nests.

The trees all sway and sing of me, in
Chill of night, with gold-clad glee,

And clap their hands and creak for me,
Like thunder rolling on the sea.

The lightning flashes through the night
So ominous, and brashly bright,

But even he will speak of me
And my glory share with buzzing bees.

The waters with their ebb and flow,
With raw bliss on their voyage go,

And take with them what they know –

They know of me and what I bring, they know the songs and notes I sing, they know how I with pleasure take, a grain of  seed and let him partake, in his own part within my tale; How I allow no soul to wail, and seek to free from UGLY’s jail, all innocent entrapped in malice, from UGLY’s almighty, evil palace.

Yes, my beloved humans see,
What happiness there is in me,

And how with gladness you I free – I free

You from your despairing chains,
So you can look upon the plains,

And see a sight all free from pain
And feel once more, completely sane.

So, beloved, look for my laugh – seek it among the shepherds’ staffs – seek it among the starry skies – among Creation’s happy replies. All know me like they know themselves, all love me like they love themselves, for in me and my sublimity, they see a larger authenticity.

Authentic, yes, in truth I lie beyond the hills and waters and skies, beyond the foaming, railing seas, beyond the loyal, steadfast trees – I lie in quiet, stillness and wonder, as you, my friends, will sit and ponder, how I, Beauty, take you farther than your imagination could possibly wander.

I am lovely, look at me, and I will solemnly guarantee, that you will find that which you seek, and see me in the highest peak.

My friends, it is to you I pledge, to
Take you to my deepest ledge,

And show you how my glory dispels
All doubts into the fells of Hell.”

BEAUTY: Like a maiden real,
With tender hands, and compass reel,

Takes those who hunger for her splendid sheen
To catch a glimpse of things unseen.

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