A Response to Orwell

George Orwell, Mark Falcoff, and Mark Mitchell are (or were) all of the opinion that when a person wields words cheaply or disingenuously, he has the ability to influence the masses of simpletons beneath him. The decline of political discourse and the decline of language are connected because words – and for that matter grammar and punctuation – have consequences .

They are wrong.

Wrds dont have consequenses.  Ill show you.

When i talk about the “mainstream media” to liberals they dont lissen to me.  They say i am para…para something, i dont know what it means but I bet they learned it from Obama.  I told them Obama was a fascist and they said no he didnt hate the Jews and I was para…whatever.  I said everything sean hannity says but they dint lissen.

But they lissen to other ppl. I no a smart guy with college-degree who talks about ATM machines and PIN numbers – M and N stand for machine and number idiot.  Also when his friend was having a hard time he said he was “taking a lot of slack” from people.  Also he says he is an alumni of Ohio State and I think hes only one person.  But people still listen to him.

Speakng of. football.  I watch football.  Sometimes Troy Aikman says a football game is packers verse niners and I wonder when does the chorus come. and then he says irregardless and that isnt a word. but he has a job on TV.

and you no what? obama has speeches where cleeshays rain like dogs and cats. He says we are on a journey together so we need to come together, and we need to believe in ourselves and we can build a better america, and all options are on the table, so we need to sit down together, and we should take heart and rise up, and compete in the digital age, and tackle crisises, bring hope and opportunity to the world, and united we stand, so we should join with him so we can have endless possibility.  And ppl say he is a great speaker. And he is president of america.

Also punctuation doesnt matter because paul in the bible has long run on sentences they go on and on and on and on and on and say five different things and change topics and dont make any sense unless you have a pastor explain them for 45 minutes and hes really famous and people actually listen to pastors talk about him for 45 minutes and i dont understand that at all but people do it even though he uses long run on sentences so i think punctuation doesnt matter at all.  And I know lots of ppl who talk about plurals and put apostrophes like “I saw a lot of cow’s” but ppl still lissen to them to. And they put hyfens-in-weird-places and dont put them where they should and ppl still lissen to them.

And grammer doesnt matter because people all the time construct weirdly sentences.  And they end sentences prepositions with.  and write to instead of too to offen too be taken seriously, and say “I could of done that.” also they talk about “Billy and myself” because they cant remember if they should say me or i. and they say “they” because they dont know 2 say “he” or “she.” and they haev typos althe time. And myself still lissens to them.

and sometimse themselves do-it-all-at-once and maek typoss and punctiation’s mistakes like cats and dogs irregardless of whether them or myself could misunderestimate the meaning and think they are to dumb for myself to lissen to them or whether they can pick up girl’s with talking like that and its run on sentences again and the problem is they dont stop to think if the mistake’s change the meaning like when they talk about environmentally sensitive land or if theres an important differens between temporarily and temporally or between carp and crap and its just a big mess all of it.

But ppl lissen to them.

And you know why? because they half college-degrees. And because they know the right ppl. And because their on tv.

see words dont have consequencse. Peepel have consequences.


  • December 9, 2009


    you right good. keep it upp

  • December 11, 2009


    I laughed aloud the entire time I was reading this piece. I wonder how Fr. Crippen would react if I wrote one of my papers for class in a similar vein…

  • December 12, 2009


    he wood sanctions it,

  • December 12, 2009


    P.S. I almost forgot. Josef Pieper has a great book on the same topic–have you read *Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power*?